Dreams Across the Divide
Stories of the Montana Pioneers
Linda Wostrel, Editor
Forward by Steven Ambrose
Illustrations by R. F. Morgan

Dreams Across the Divide contains the stories of 90
Montana pioneer families.  There is no greater source of
enjoyment than to read first-hand accounts of our pioneers’
personal histories and to learn directly from them what they
held important in the pioneering of this place we call Montana.

This book is a collection of the stories about the men and
women who braved the perils of the unknown and blazed a
trail into what was to become the Great State of Montana.
There are many early photographs of pioneers, maps,
history of the Society of Montana Pioneers established
in July 1884, and the Sons and Daughters of Montana Pioneers.
A quote taken from the first meeting of the Sons and Daughters
of Montana Pioneers states: "
It is the object of this meeting that,
to perpetuate the sacrifices and heroic virtues of our parents
who blazed the trail into this country, we do here and now
organize a society to be called the Society of the Sons and
Daughters of Montana Pioneers".

Dreams Across the Divide tells the story of hopes and fears.
It is a treasure to all of those who are curious about the
day-to-day concerns of the pioneer. This is not just a story
of the "great men" such as Fergus, Stuart, and Kohrs,
but also of those whose ambitions were more modest . . .

The books sell for $25.00 for hardback .
Shipping charges are $4.00 per each book. 448 pgs, 6" X 9".
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